About Us

Xiamen Securities was founded in 1988 and is one of the earliest securities companies in China. Its core value is to create values for customers; and the core of our business concept is trust, reliability and sustainability.

As a securities brokerage firm we are engaged in; research and analysis; distribution of securities and investment funds; securities investment consulting in general; pre-IPO placements; financial consulting related to securities exchange and securities investment; management of private equity and hedge funds and/or other business approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

When founded in July 1988 the company had a registered capital of CNY 2 million. In 1991, The Xiamen Securities registered capital was increased to CNY 13.1 million and in 1993, upon approval by Xiamen Branch of the People’s Bank of China; it carried out capital increase and shareholder change, increasing the registered capital to CNY 50 million.

The Company itself has 850 employees in total divided on multiple securities outlets in operation, including 10 in Fujian Province, 1 in Beijing, 1 in Shanghai, 2 in Sichuan Province, 1 in Zhejiang Province 1 in Hong Kong and 1 in Guangdong Province.